The 2022 Faith and Medicine Conference is about helping individuals find ways to meet current needs with the hope of the Gospel and the truth of scripture. Whether you’re working in healthcare or receiving healthcare, there is growing concern regarding the integrity and motives of the healthcare system due to recent events. Many people are sensing darkness and unrest in healthcare and how it affects patients and practitioners, as well as American life. From policies and procedures to mandates and employment termination, the injustices are being acknowledged if not experienced.

The 2022 Faith and Medicine Conference is here to help alleviate the frustration and despair by acknowledging that only the light of God’s Word and the Gospel can dispel the darkness.

We believe God’s Truth and Power can transform evil to good, giving spiritual and moral strength to overcome trials and bring wisdom in areas where needed. Businesses, government, politics, institutions, education, recreation, church and family lives are now needing the Power of God to bring goodness and restore health where current healthcare trends have caused pain. This need for God’s Truth and Spirit to transform Medicine and Healthcare is as important as ever.

Join us in person or via live stream to experience Christian encouragement and spiritual growth, inspiration for transforming the wellness experience, and Christian fellowship in our growing healthcare community.

Be encouraged to invite others to join us as we seek to bring honor to the One and True God, the Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Our prayer is that you’ll leave enlightened, encouraged, and equipped to live faithfully and victoriously for Christ, the Gospel and the truths of scripture, in all these areas of life.

This conference is primarily being sponsored by Real Health Medical, a Christian based integrated and functional medical clinic in the Atlanta metropolitan area, in conjunction with the assistance of Christian Medical Dental Associations, Georgia Right to Life, and Healing Strong.

These three organizations are non-profit groups who endeavor to live out and apply the Truth of God’s Word and the Gospel – we encourage you to find additional information regarding each of these at their respective websites:

and the Georgia Coalition for Vaccine Choice

If you have any questions about the conference, our speakers, sponsors or other related inquiries, please feel free to reach out via email:

Solo De Gloria.

The Health Care Team at Real Health Medical

Atlanta, GA