Q: What can attendees expect related to food, refreshments and meals?
A: Light snacks and refreshments will be available in the morning and throughout the day on Friday and Saturday. Registrants have the option to purchase a boxed lunch on Friday only ($15) or dine at a variety of restaurants nearby on both days. A list of nearby restaurants has been made available for lunch and dinner—on the website.

Q: Will the conference proceed if there is severe weather in the area?
A: Conference organizations will stay close to weather and make any announcements and/or decisions as needed about the impact of weather on the conference. The conference will be livestreamed—so if any attendees have concerns about the weather, this offering is an option.

Q: I want to attend the conference on Friday or Saturday. I didn’t see a cost for one day only.
A: The conference fee covers the entire conference. We don’t offer a one-day conference fee. There are no discounts for partial attendance of the conference.

Q: What is deadline to register for the conference?
A: Registration will close when the conference reaches capacity—so don’t wait until the last minute!

Q: I am not sure just yet if I will be able to make it to the conference. Can I register on-site?
A: Yes

Q: I’d like to attend the conference to see Dr. Peter McCullough only?
A: The cost to attend the Dr. McCullough session only is $30. Conference registration does include the session featuring Dr. Peter McCullough.

Q: We’ll be leaving the conference after dark. Do you have security measures in place for attendees going to their cars?
A: The Faith and Medicine Conference cares about the safety and well-being of all its attendees. Yes, we do have security measures in place.

Q: Are there any discount opportunities available?
A: Faith and Medicine Conference organizers and sponsors have made it possible to offer attendees a fee that is comparably less than most conferences. We are grateful to our sponsors, speakers and special guests who make it possible for us to do so.

Q: Is Wi-Fi available?
A: Wi-Fi will not be available at the venue. Conference attendees are more than welcome to use their own wireless service, including their own hotspots or other devices to help manage your wireless experience.

Q: Do you have measures in place to manage medical emergencies?
A: Yes. Absolutely. Plus, we will have generous gathering of medical professionals with varying levels of expertise. We’re all set!

Q: How will I access the livestream conference or event?
A: If you’ve registered for a livestream of the conference or session you will be provided with a link 2 days prior to the event.

Please direct all other questions to Thank you!