“After years of feeling lost and out of place in medicine, I have finally found a home hearing all these faith centered professionals! God has led me to this conference! I am sure of it! I feel truly blessed to have been a part of what I feel is the most important movement in medicine and in the world… TO LET GOD BACK IN!…To truly seek Him first in all you do and, in return, to see His power and HIS HEALING for patients (and for professionals)! I will definitely be attending all future conferences! God bless you all for all you do! Praise the Great Physician!”
Jill DePrince-Murphy, DO, MPT
"This conference was a treat! My faith and hope were strengthened through the enlightening messages from people of various backgrounds – physicians, politicians, pastors, non-profits, and cancer survivors. We praised God through music, and at the conclusion were entertained with an uplifting theatrical performance. It was wonderful to be surrounded by other people that believe that our bodies are miraculous creations that can be healed through natural methods in the way that God intended. Thanks for such a well-rounded and well thought out program! See you next year!"
Cancer patient at Real Health Medical
"One of the most impactful conferences I have been to! I was very thankful to have attended as a pre-medical student who before the conference was doubting the ethics of modern medicine. This conference was the exact thing I needed to renew my hope in medicine. After hearing Dr. Payne’s talk on biblical ethics in medicine and now reading his book has been really helpful for navigating medicine as a Christian. I would recommend it to anyone who is in medicine or interested in getting into the field. P.S. I am excited for next year!"
Pre-med college student
"The Faith and Medicine Conference challenged me to more deeply recognize the inherent connection between God’s Word and God’s World. Speakers challenged us to vigorously exercise our faith as an inherent part of the health care that we provide. Thank you for bringing so many excellent speakers together at one time!"
William Griffin, DDS
VP for Dental Ministries Christian Medical & Dental Associations
"I had the privilege of attending the Faith and Medicine conference for the first time this year and all I can say is that I was blown away. My entire medical career, I have felt like a black sheep because of my personal beliefs regarding wholistic centered care and medicine. This conference was the first time in my life I have been in a room full of people like myself. It was a room full of people not afraid to ask the questions “Why?” and “Why is this the only option?” The speakers were all so inspiring and they provided a plethora of evidence based medical information about a number of different body processes and diseases. I would strongly recommend and encourage everyone to attend this conference. I will most certainly be back in a seat next year when it comes around again."
RN, Atlanta, GA